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With the downturn in Covid, we were finally able to start in-person fund raisers again. Ales for Ashley Texas took place on March 26 at the Turning Point Brewery in Euless. As many of you know, the event was scheduled at Legal Draft in Arlington. On March 22 (four days before the event) they closed their doors and Turning Point was gracious enough to accommodate us on very short notice. We had a great turnout and thanks to the Texas volunteers, great music by Sara and the Saratones and BJ Cleveland who kept things moving as our DJ, everyone had a fun evening. Our Ales for Ashley North Carolina event was held on June 4 at Blue Ghost Brewing in Fletcher. Many thanks to the Super 60s who rocked the crowd. 


In addition to the Ales events, we were on-site for several Atlanta festivals and were once again sponsored by Half Pint Productions.  As a result of updating our website in 2021, we had more donations made in memory or honor of a loved one. The events, sponsorships and donations resulted in total receipts of $57,761 for 2022. As in the past, 100% of the receipts are used to fund cancer research. All expenses are paid by the Foundation founders so your donations can be 100% effective.

This year we had two major changes in the research that the GBM Foundation supports. Dr. Wainwright moved from Northwestern to become the Scientific Director of Brain Tumor Research at Loyola University in Chicago. Dr. Wainwright moved his research with him and we will continue to support his innovative work. We started a new partnership with Dr. Edjah Nduom, an Associate Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. Dr Nduom recently had the honor of introducing President Biden at the relaunch of the Cancer Moonshot in February. His research focuses on the modulation of the immune system for the treatment of malignant brain tumors. Carly, Ann and Ric had the opportunity to tour his lab in November and to meet with the research team. We are expecting great things out of this relationship.  In addition, we continue to support the Defeat GBM initiative which is part of the National Brain Tumor Society. The Foundation donated a total of $37,500 this year to support these research initiatives.

We are looking forward to 2023 and the many opportunities to raise money to support GBM research. Since the first of the year we have donated $15,000 to our researchers, we have the next Ales in Texas planned for March 11, Half Pint Productions is on board to sponsor us and there will be a music event in Orlando, which should be a major fund-raiser for us. Keep watching social media and our website for more details.

We set up a donation link to allow donors to specify the name of someone they were remembering or honoring. We are both honored and appreciative for the donors who have entrusted us with their remembrances. Both changes resulted in a huge increase in visibility and support from individuals previously unknown to the GBM Foundation.


Carly and Ric, Co-Founders GBM Foundation 


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