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Head to the Hill is an annual event hosted by the National Brain Tumor Society. It brings advocates, patients, caregivers, doctors and researchers from all 50 states together. We are there to ask for more funding to defeat cancer, specifically brain cancer.


As an advocate/caregiver/family member, I look around the room and I am reminded of the joy, hope, love and support. I’m also reminded of the struggle, heartbreak, pain and loss. We have made advancements in Cancer Research but we have a LONG way to go! This is why I keep fighting and will continue to advocate for funding for cancer research for the brain tumor community.


We went to the Hill. We asked for an increase in funding for the NIH and NCI. We asked for funding to support DOD . We asked for the childhood cancer STARact to be passed through the House (which has since passed!!!!)


We ask these things so we don’t have to continue to watch our friends and family suffer from this devastating disease. We ask for these things so parents can watch their children grow up, instead of planning their funerals. We ask for these things so patients can enjoy their quality of life. We ask for these things so we can see our mom, dad, sister, brother, or best friend celebrate their next birthday. Together, we need to find a cure. 

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